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We celebrate National Doughnut Week 2021 - scroll down for all the stories


The 30th National Doughnut Week is GO! From 10th -18th July bakers and cafes across the whole of the country will be selling doughnuts to raise funds for The Children’s Trust. Supported by CSM Ingredients’ doughnut mixes there’s whole host of top trends to choose from. From loaded doughnuts to rainbow toppings there’s something for everyone.

Oozing with flavour
From Lotus Biscoff Loaded Doughnuts with a Toffee Sauce injection, to Chocolate Orange Doughnuts with a Chocolate Crembel filling, topped with Chocolate Orange Pieces, there’s endless possibilities.

Get ready for green
Matcha, the Japanese green tea powder, was a huge trend in hot drinks about five years ago. This year prepare for an influx of green, as matcha doughnuts take centre stage.

Shine bright like a doughnut
Neon colours will be big during this year’s charity week. From swirling purple and pink galaxy glazes, to eye-catching greens and blues, neon doughnuts will be taking over our Insta feeds. Alongside neon brights, rainbow colours will also be big for this year and will range from bright rainbow shades to more muted pastels.

Viva la vegan
Vegan doughnuts are new on the scene for this year’s National Doughnut Week, particularly amongst 25-34-year-olds who gave the highest positive response in a recent study when asked how likely they are to buy vegan.

Save room for dessert
This year will see some dessert inception, as the trend of ‘dessert doughnuts’ is proving popular. From Key Lime Pie doughnuts, to Blueberry Cheesecake doughnuts.


A large number of consumers across the UK are incorporating vegan elements to their diets, so much so that it’s now considered mainstream. From young people, to older generations, the recognised benefits of including vegan foods into every day diets are growing, and that’s across both sweet and savoury products.

To help bakers make the most of this, and offer their customers the highest quality vegan products, we recently launched a brand-new range of vegan bakery ingredients. The three new Craigmillar Vegan Bakery products contain no ingredients of animal origin meaning they can be enjoyed by consumers with vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian dietary preferences.

The new launch comprises two vegan cake mixes in Plain and Chocolate and a non-dairy cream to tap into this increasing demand for plant-based food products. And the light, airy texture of the cake mix means that consumers can indulge in a delicious, golden treat with absolutely no compromise on taste or texture. Craigmillar Lactofil Vegan is a deliciously sweet and light product that is ideal for fillings and decorating a professionally piped look. The high whipped volume means it can whip up to three times its own size which gives the product extra value for money as a little goes a long way.

1000g Plain Vegan Cake Mix
30g Glycerine
350g Water
180g Vegetable oil
200G Lactofil Vegan Cream
Chocolate flakes


  • Place mix into machine bowl fitted with a beater

  • Blend glycerine, water and oil together and add to the mix, mix 1 minute on slow speed

  • Mix for 3 minutes on medium speed, scrape down and mix for a further 3 minutes on slow speed

  • Deposit 400g into 3 lined 6in cake tins

  • Bake at 195/200c for 35-40 mins

  • Allow to completely cool

  • Take 3 bases and level slightly if needed

  • Spread strawberry jam over two of the bases and place strawberries on top

  • Whip Lactofil Vegan Cream to full whip and spread around the strawberries

  • Place 2nd base on top and repeat with cream

  • Place un jammed sponge on top and level down slightly

  • Coat the outside of the cake with a fine layer of Lactofil Vegan Cream to give a naked cake appearance

  • Decorate with fruit


Come rain or shine picnics, eating al fresco and BBQs are quintessential parts of the UK summer. Utilising different bread recipes so customers can enjoy bread across many occasions is key and Arkady Tiger Pastes are the perfect way to offer different varieties of the most popular bread. The range of ready-to-use pastes, which can simply be brushed onto dough before proving, includes Mediterranean Tiger Paste - an aromatic green paste featuring garlic and Italian freeze-dried herbs, providing a fresh flavour and colour, as well as the distinctive ‘tiger’ appearance. The Country Taste mix gives an attractive speckled finish and rich flavour, and the Sea Salt & Black Pepper option offers a delicious enhancement to bread.

The versatile pastes are convenient to use, can be applied to any shaped dough and are a simple way to enhance bread rolls, baguettes and bloomers. CSM serving suggestions including toasted sandwiches, rolls alongside soup and filled baguettes. In a ready-to-use format, the pastes don’t require mixing up from a powder and can simply be brushed onto to dough before proving, saving time on taking out of the prover halfway through. The pastes are perfect for bakers to customise breads with a premium and unique crust, offering a real USP with a signature bake.


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